Authors: ruguevara code, graphics, idea, n1k-o music, nodeus , nyuk code Year: 2019

Uploaded by: ruguevara    9-07-2019, 16:55
For Shuran

gift zapilator scroll animation

From: Ruguevara, n1k-o, nodeus, nyuk
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Comments on Shuran gift 2019

9-07-2019, 16:58


Happy birthday SHURAN!
Happy birthday SHURAN!
Happy birthday SHURAN!
Buddy! We wish you all the best things you can ever imagine
and also all the VERY best things you couldn't ever imagine!
Stay c00l! Be c00lr!
Your friends, ruguevara, nq, nodeus, unbeliever, nyuk.

*** And now goes some personal wishes and greetings ***
Shuran! I wish you clear pixels and strong attributes! Happy BD! (nodeus)

*** Credits ***
Idea, code, gfx conversion: ruguevara. Music: nq. Animation SCR conversion: nodeus.
Zapilyator (animation engine and parser): nyuk. Father of all russian demoscene: unbeliever.

14-07-2019, 12:49



28-07-2019, 11:48


Шикарный эффект! Просто и со вкусом!